Here's What Happens to Negan in The Walking Dead Season Finale

16 April, 2018, 13:39 | Author: Cecil Buchanan
  • Danai Gurira as Michonne Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes leading Team Rick

"What's been interesting this year is Rick and Negan have flipped".

Scott Gimple said recently that The Walking Dead season 8 finale would wrap up the first 8 seasons of the show and bring an end to some characters storylines.

Fear's season premiere aired directly after The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale-in which Morgan chose to leave the group after (spoiler alert) winning the war against the Saviors. This is the one thing we didn't see coming. Negan had run away after getting punched by both Gabriel and Dwight. It pretty much like watching all the beats from the Season 7 finale. Rick succeeded in appealing to Negan's Carl-appreciating nature, and got the cocky sumbitch to actually stand still and shut up for a few seconds, just long enough to slice his throat with a piece of the stained glass. Negan commands the Saviors to show themselves on the horizon. Morgan also leaves, but unless you've been living under a rock, you know he's simply crossing over to Fear The Walking Dead where he can safely spout conflicting theories, have visions, and, we don't know, maybe accidentally hit children on the head in peace there.

Yep. In the end, Rick refused to kill Negan, fulfilling his son's dying wish. He explained that while Rick and his people were thinking they'd be encountering Negan he'd really be running straight to the Hilltop.

Back at the Hilltop, Maggie made it clear that she was still very upset about the decision to not kill Negan. Her season eight story ends with a confession that Rick was right about saving the Saviors and rebuilding civilization.

Morgan's still not right: Somehow the sight of former Savior prisoners coming back to the Hilltop from a zombie-killing run got Morgan so worked up that he almost put his bo staff through young Henry's neck.

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Others mostly liked it, but still wanted Negan dead. Morgan wants to just finish this.

That's when Rick whipped out a knife and slashed Negan across the throat with one swift stroke. Jadis revealed that her real name is Anne.

After the Saviors lined up to attack Team Rick, they fired and instantly fell to the ground. Daryl just tosses auto keys at him. He adds that if he comes back, he's going to kill him. She wants the community to thrive for the people. Oh, Rick still managed to get his ass handed to him, because he's Rick, but this time there was no where for Negan to scamper off to. That moment seems even more unnecessary now, looking back, since Carl's death was a bigger, more pointed show moment that shined a huge spotlight on sparing Saviors' lives. "Carl didn't know a damn thing", croaked a bleeding Negan. "So I think it is ultimately a story about restraint rather than revenge and love rather than hate, which has always been integral to our show". But only time will tell if Maggie will feel the same in the future.

"The end of (Season 8) is insane". Negan's alive, but his way of doing things is over. "We're going to bide our time, wait for our moment and then we're going to show him", Maggie tells Jesus and Daryl. Will the communities really be able to work together and grow into a new world? There was one brief shining second when we thought that perhaps he'd been put out of our misery, but the TV team chose to keep to the comic books and lock him away as a symbol of how not to build a new civilization.

In the comics, the Whisperers are led by a woman called Alpha, who is arguably even more evil and savage than Negan himself, so it will be worth keeping an eye on casting news for The Walking Dead season 9.

Granted, The Whisperers are introduced in The Walking Dead comics by ambushing members of The Hilltop, but aside from the ambush, the similarities stop there outside of what I think might have been a slight nod to the fan theory by having Alicia disguise herself behind her hair until Althea approaches her.



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