Works Ministry Calls On Citizens To Protect Oceans, Reduce Plastic Pollution

10 June, 2018, 19:40 | Author: Wade Massey
  • Plastic pollution like discarded bottles along the the Mediterranean coast have turned the sea into one of the world's worst affected bodies of water

"The newly proposed European Union single-use plastics law clearly recognises that it's necessary to go beyond recycling and move toward bans and producer responsibility".

UK-wide there will be showings of the film A Plastic Ocean.

So in fact now we are [changing our strategy] now in the scientific community; globally shifting from one of documenting problems to one of taking action in solutions. Contrary to the general perception, ocean pollution does not only affect marine life but can have an impact on the entire food chain.

If all we did was eliminate our use of single-use plastic, we'd make massive inroads into the problem. They then pledged to do away with such items as plastic straws, plastic forks, single-use plastic water bottles, single-use coffee cups with plastic tops, and plastic shopping bags. The oceans fish eat the plastic, and we eat the fish which causes $8 billion in damage to marine ecosystems each year. Come out and learn what we do to save our marine creatures!

Mr. Guterres noted that while last year's Ocean Conference at UN Headquarters registered more than 1,300 commitments and partnerships, none of the initiatives and declarations are worth anything "unless we accept that we face a global emergency".

We celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. Twenty-five years ago, I removed plastic packing bands and plastic nets from 135 entangled Antarctic fur seals in just a single summer on Bird Island, South Georgia, in the sub-Antarctic.

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We need to step up and solve the problems but we also need to communicate the good news: for instance humpback whales, which had been hunted nearly to extinction by 1970, have now recovered globally. Of this waste, much of it is plastic.

Pursue a strategy to reduce the use of virgin plastic in Card products. We shouldn't buy products that have excessive plastic packaging and should ask the supermarket for paper bags instead of plastic ones, or take along our own. Substitute plastics for biodegradable materials, and when you visit the beach this summer collect 3 pieces of plastic and dispose of it in the proper receptacle. So not only have we stopped the losses, but we have reversed the trend and started to see some improvements and increases in salt marshes, sea grass, and mangroves. "You can join a cleanup effort, be a citizen-scientist, create action through art, take part in outreach activities and help spread the word". If it can't be reused it should be recycled. "We must do our best to protect our CARICOM environment".

Lastly, we must clean up. "We hope that our study will make a contribution to a positive development so that the plastic problem in our oceans can be curbed in the long run".

World Ocean Day at the Living Coast Discovery Center will be held on Saturday, June 9th.

Other dignitaries on hand for the G7 meeting, in Charlevoix, Quebec, spoke about plastics pollution.



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