Study shows coffee may boost longevity

05 July, 2018, 09:55 | Author: Sherman Richardson
  • Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer Study SaysMore

The live-giving properties of a cup of joe even stayed in place for the survey's 10,000 respondents who drank eight cups or more a day.

This recent study drew from data from the UK Biobank study, an in-depth research initiative collecting data and following 500,000 people for three decades.

"This study may provide reassurance to coffee drinkers", said lead researcher Erikka Loftfield, an epidemiologist at the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

The study also found that it did not matter what kind of coffee people drank, and how much.

Because some people's genetics make them slower to metabolize caffeine, the researchers wanted to see if that made coffee consumption riskier for these individuals.

Amla is loaded with vitamin C that is known to build your body's defence mechanisms against diseases and infections.

Good news for coffee lovers-including those who indulge heavily: Yet another study has found a link between drinking coffee and a longer life.

It includes about half a million Brits who contributed their data and DNA to the United Kingdom biobank, and it finds an inverse relationship between people drinking up to eight or more cups per day and all-cause mortality.

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As with any observational study like this though, where people are quizzed on their past and existing habits, we can't definitively say that coffee causes a longer life.

Researchers accessed genetic data for 403,816 of the 498,134 study participants to create 2 genetic "caffeine metabolism" scores (CMSG) by "adding the number of alleles of single base changes, or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), previously associated with blood caffeine metabolite levels, and the map near genes with plausible roles in caffeine metabolism".

And some of their habits and characteristics might make these British coffee-drinkers look unhealthier to start with.

Considering the strengths and weaknesses of the study, and everything that's gone before, we can chalk this up as more evidence that coffee does indeed seem to improve our health in certain ways - even if we don't exactly know how.

"During the next decade, 14,225 participants died, mostly of cancer or heart disease", the AP reported. However, he highlighted the findings could be at risk of inaccuracies due to unknown or unmeasured factors linking to drinking coffee and being in good health.

Actually caffeine can keep you more hydrated than other liquids because you are drinking it with a volume of fluid like iced coffee or tea.

You may have heard about the plant compounds called phytochemicals in coffee; such basic elements remain whether coffee is caffeinated or not, and whether you use a $5,000 espresso machine or you pour some hot water onto some powder.

Whatever it is, there have been multiple studies that point to coffee's health benefits.



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