New Jersey woman dies after utility cuts power to her home

10 July, 2018, 05:26 | Author: Regina Silva
  • Linda Daniels with two of her granddaughters. The 68-year-old Newark woman who used an oxygen tank died last week after PSE&G turned off the electric to her home

A 68-year-old woman in Newark, New Jersey, died after the power was cut to her home Thursday, shutting down the electric-powered oxygen tank she needed to breathe, according to the Associated Press. Paramedics were summoned to the home to provide a portable oxygen tank for Daniels as her family fanned and applied ice packs to her body. She was the glue that held everything together.

Washington said the temperature in her mother's Shephard Avenue home likely rose to well over 100 degrees the day the power was turned off and it aggravated her mother's heart condition. "She was horrified. We were all horrified". She was gasping until the time she died'.

A day late and a dollar short, the power company turned on Daniels' electricity one day after she died.

According to NJ 1015, PSE&G spokesperson told reporters that Daniels' account had been in arrears for months, that the company had repeatedly tried to reach the family about the overdue balance, and that the company had not been informed that Daniels had medical issues. "We asked them, 'Why are you turning off her electric at the pole?'"

The power company said it shut off the power because of outstanding payments, and they'd notified the customer that the power would be shut off.

Linda Daniels of Newark suffered from congestive heart failure, and had been on hospice care in her home since April, according to early reports from News 12.

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"We made numerous calls" Washington continued, saying at one point company reps demanded they stop calling. "It was so hot in here, she couldn't breathe - it was unbearable", said her daughter Desiree who was with her mom according to reports.

They also paid another $500 on July 3, two days before Daniels' died.

A source involved in the rescue mission who saw two of the four boys walk out of the cave told Reuters that they looked exhausted but healthy, adding that one even looked "vivacious and fresh". "We encourage customers who have medical issues to contact us so that we can note their circumstances on their accounts", Namiotka said.

Desiree said the PSE&G utility truck did not arrive until Friday morning - about 16 hours after her mother died. "My mother was a taxpayer for 46 years. And I don't want it to happen to anyone else".

Sherd said he paid the minimum $300 every month, and paid $400 in June, prior to the $500 payment made this month.

PSEG is conducting an investigation, and Newark Police also are investigating.



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