Ozone layer finally healing after damage by aerosols

09 November, 2018, 11:02 | Author: Darnell Taylor
  • Ozone layer hole will ‘totally heal within 50 years’	 	 	 			Getty Images

So a healed ozone layer will worsen man-made climate change there a bit, Newman said. The co-chair of the committee of experts, the U.S. scientist David Fahey, explained that the report is based on three major issues, the first of which is to inform members "about the state of the ozone layer and the substances that kill it".

In his opinion, the global success of the world initiative lies in the commitment by the 197 countries that gathered on Tuesday in Quito to define mechanisms to end the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects living beings on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

At projected rates, the Northern Hemisphere and mid-latitude Earth's ozone layer would recover entirely by the 2030s, followed by the Southern Hemisphere in the 2050s and the polar regions in the 2060s.

"The Montreal Protocol is one of the most successful multilateral agreements in history for a reason", stated Erik Solheim, the head of UN Environment.

The challenge will lie in keeping up this momentum. The ozone hole has also slightly protected Antarctica from other larger effects of global warming. Ironically, one chemical called dichloromethane, which has been officially deemed as a replacement for CFCs following the Montreal Protocol, can deplete the stratospheric shield.

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Over the past decade, dichloromethane became approximately 60% more abundant in the atmosphere as compared to the early 2000s. PVC manufacturing has surged in the last couple of years in China, its main hotspot. It calls for additional cuts to ODS, specifically hydrofluorocarbons.

"These new assessment results highlight the importance of continued long-term monitoring of HFCs (the hydrofluorocarbon chemicals used for cooling and refrigeration) in the atmosphere as the Kigali Amendment begins to take hold", David Fahey, co-chair of the Montreal Protocol Scientific Assessment Panel, said.

This new United Nations report shows "we're at the turnaround point" to restore the ozone layer, NASA scientist Paul Newman told Gizmodo.

It is worth noting the fact that informed other teams of specialists and researchers in the field of ecology of the atmosphere in different ways characterized the degree of recovery of the ozone layer, but in General they were inclined to think that the closer to the thirties of this century the recovery of the ozone layer of the Earth's atmosphere will enter a new phase in which scientists will be able to somewhat speed up the process and contribute to its "healing".

"Carbon dioxide emissions remain by far the most important greenhouse gases which are driving global warming".



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