Fortnite world champ 'swatted' at Pennsylvania home

13 August, 2019, 19:38 | Author: Sammy Rose
  • IMG Epic Games

Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf was "swatted" while livestreaming on Twitch on Saturday, reports ESPN.

If you're not aware of the term, "swatting" is the term for the rather vicious and unsafe act of actually calling the police on a streamer while they're playing a game live - usually with some terrifying made-up accusation that causes the cops to turn up in force and highly armed.

Bugha won $3 million for his first-place finish in the first-ever Fortnite World Cup in July and even appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about his win with host Jimmy Fallon.

Bugha was playing Fortnite Arena Trios with friends when the incident occurred. He then abruptly left his computer while the game was still ongoing.

Bugha quickly leaves, and is gone for around ten minutes. It's disappointingly not unheard of for disgruntled gamers to call the police on rivals or streamers.

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Not only does swatting waste the resources of emergency services, it can and has resulted in serious injury and death. Andrew Finch, 28, was killed in 2017 as police responded to a prank 911 call from California about a shooting and kidnapping at Finch's home in Wichita. His made the call in retaliation to losing a game of Call of Duty. "They literally pulled up", Bughha said once he returned to the stream. He added one of the officers recognized him, which deescalated the situation. His team also won the match despite his absence.

Gierdorf and his family are safe, but he was well aware the incident could just as easily have ended in tragedy. "Jesus Christ, the internet's fucking insane".

Authorities say an OH gamer recruited Barriss to "swat" a Wichita gamer, but that the address they used was old, leading police to Finch, who was not involved in the video game or the dispute.

Here's hoping the police track the swatter down.



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