Missing dentures found stuck in United Kingdom man's throat

13 August, 2019, 18:41 | Author: Sherman Richardson
  • The X-ray showed a semicircular object lying across the man's vocal cords

Six days after surgery to remove a harmless lump from his abdominal wall in 2018, the man went to A&E, telling doctors he had been unable to eat solid food.

False teeth must be removed before major surgery, doctors have warned, after a pensioner swallowed his dentures and did not notice for more than a week.

An X-ray shows dentures in a senior's throat.

But six days later a bout of bleeding prompted his return.

He was admitted to hospital with suspected aspiration pneumonia-a severe chest infection usually caused by inhaling food or stomach acid or saliva into the lungs. He was also having a hard time breathing, especially when he laid down, which forced him to start sleeping sitting upright on his couch. Further examinations of his neck found nothing amiss, until a thin flexible tube with a camera on the end was inserted through his nose and into his throat.

Doctors then discovered he had a semi-circular object lying across his vocal chords, which had caused internal swelling and blistering.

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When this was explained to him, the man revealed that his dentures, which consisted of a metal roof plate and three false teeth, had been lost during his previous hospital stay.

Thinking the problem was over, he was shocked to find that nine days after he was again discharged, he returned with even more bleeding and needed more emergency surgery. During one visit, doctors estimated he had lost 1.5 liters of blood, or about three pints.

The source of the bleeding was eventually discovered to be "a spurting arterial vessel" in the man's throat that had been obscured by tissue that formed over it during the healing process, according to the report.

The man was rushed to surgery, where the dentures were removed.

Authors of the case report pointed out that there were no set guidelines on how dentures should be managed during anaesthesia and urged medical professionals to document whether or not a patient has dental prosthetics before and after any procedure. In a 2016 study of 83 cases where dentures ended up in a person's airways, six cases occurred while the patient was under general anesthesia. The most likely scenario is that the man had inhaled them when he was intubated. He later passed the false teeth through his digestive system, the article said. Doctors need to listen carefully to their patients and build a timeline of what happened rather than relying heavily on scans and tests, said Dr. Rui Amaral Mendes, an associate editor of BMJ Case Reports, which published the paper Monday. Pictured, an X-ray of the man's chest. However, he came back two days later, his symptoms only getting worse.

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